Ekobiz Company

Researching, development and producing of medical and cosmetic products in Ukraine.

Medical cosmetics wholesale from Ukrainian producer:

Ekobiz company – producer of natural cosmetics in Ukraine

We provide quality products
exceeding modern market requirements,
which are in demand by the general population

Ekobiz is involved in the research, development and producing of medical and cosmetic products.

Natural magnesium products wholesale from manufacturer

For whom?


  • distributors and organizations in the health and beauty sphere
  • pharmacies and pharmacy chains
  • medical facilities, health resorts and SPAs
  • professional beauty salons and massage parlors


  • TOP 10
    Pharmacy Chains
  • 2000 plus
  • More than
    400 Health Resorts
  • 7530 Beauty
  • Over 9
    Countries of Export


  • 66Medical cosmetics,
    pharmacy cosmetics
  • 233Professional salon
  • 67Veterinary


We provide health-improving and cosmetic products that are guaranteed to have a high demand among the population because:

  • before the development of any new product, we conduct in market research to identify the true needs of our targeted group and trends in the spheres.
  • we carry out stringent scientific research adhering to medical and scientific institution standards. The effectiveness of our medical cosmetic lines have been proven and confirmed through medical studies by the Scientific Research Institute of Balneology in Odessa (the only research institution in Ukraine in the field of rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation). We cooperate with leading physiotherapists, health resort specialists, rehabilitation specialists, aestheticians, fitness center instructors incenting the demands of their patients and clients. Thus, we obtain valuable information and experience to produce ready-made, topical solutions.
  • we passed the audit and obtained the ISO 22716: 2007 “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) certificate. Our customers are confident in the high quality of the products, which exceed the high standards adopted worldwide for the production of cosmetics.
  • we manufacture products exclusively from natural raw materials. “100% naturalness” is an absolute necessity in the modern world of health and beauty.
  • we organize marketing and advertising support for the promotion of medical cosmetics, depending on the targeted audience and communication channels:
  • advertising in specialized media
  • Internet promotion through specialized sites and social networks
  • participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences
  • organization of advertising campaigns, flash mobs and other promotional activities

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Are you importer in the field of health and beauty?
Are you distributor or pharmacy chain?

Looking for promising or already established
great-selling products?
Need high-turnover product range?


Please contact us and we will find a product line
suitable for your company and industry.

Are you rehabilitation or medical center?
Beauty salon or massage parlor?

Do you want to expand the range of services
or to add flavor?
Attract new customers and
arouse the interest of old ones?

Call us and we will offer options,
that are right for you.

Advanced Services


  • Ekobiz is a manufacturer of cosmetic products in Ukraine, which highly values ​​the interests of its B2B partners.
  • We have the services for contract production, production under private label and supplying of products in-bulk

Our Highlight

  • We acquire the purest minerals from a depth of 2500 m for our products.
  • Being in the immediate vicinity of the magnesium mineral source we not only save, but also strengthen all its health-improving properties.
  • We transform them into 100% ready-made natural and safe products for transdermal (through the skin) saturation of the body with valuable magnesium.

Ekobiz Company – Natural Magnesium Supplier

Strategic Goal

We aspire to become the No. 1 company
in the health and beauty field not only in Ukraine,
but also far beyond abroad.
“Ekobiz” is a manufacturer of cosmetics based in Ukraine.