BISHOFIT MG ++ from manufacturer


Bishofit Mg ++ is a line of products based on the natural mineral bishofite from a deposit in Poltava, Ukraine.

In CIS countries, these products have been effective in combating joint problems, as well as rehabilitation of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Pharmacy cosmetics from manufacturer specially for:

  • Бішофіт - Вибір споживача 2019
  • joints and back
  • heel spurs
  • for a venous grid
  • for the nervous system and heart
  • gastrointestinal problems

Bishofit Mg ++ has been successfully sold for more than 20 years through pharmacies and pharmacy chains, as well as through rehabilitation centers and health centers in the form of procedures.

Scientifically proven effective, long history of use, accessibility for people – these are the basic principles of the Bishofit Mg ++ line.

«Ekobiz» Company – certified manufacturer of bishofit in Ukraine.

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