Therapeutic magnesium-containing cosmetics wholesale from the Ekobiz company.

The technology of production of all products based on the use of natural raw materials from well-known global suppliers. The active ingredients of cosmetic products produced on the basis of herbal and plant extracts. The quality of finished products and incoming raw materials monitored in a laboratory environment, intermediary stages control performed, including the control of product microbiological safety.

Ekobiz has never tested its products on animals!
All products approved and dermatologically tested by accredited laboratories of the Scientific and Technical Center VNIIHIMPROJECT and the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology named after. A.A. Marzeeva.
EkoBiz-authorized therapeutic cosmetics is safe for human health in a perspective and for daily use either.

All products tested by independent accredited laboratories:

  • Patch tests: test for primary skin irritation.
  • Microbiological and dermatological control
  • Tests for tolerance and stability
  • Toxicological monitoring

Ekobiz therapeutic cosmetics is 100% natural, safe even for the smallest consumers (from 6 months).