New magnesium toothpastes by wholesale from the manufacturer Ekobiz

Analysis of Google search requests shows that the most common problems with teeth and gums are:
Новая зубная паста оптом на сайте Экобиз

  • caries
  • weakened tooth enamel
  • tooth sensitivity
  • painful and bleeding gums
  • yellow enamel

Users look for both therapeutical and preventative toothpastes to deal with these  problems. The most  popular are  strengthening toothpastes with Calcium, toothpastes against tooth sensitivity and whitening toothpastes. And there is a wide choice at the market. But even in such a variety of offers it is hard to find a truly effective, safe and affordable option.

Natural fluorine-free toothpastes from Ecobiz

The company Ekobiz decided to provide a solution. To offer our customers natural, high-quality and affordable products, we manufacture a few options of magnesium toothpaste with different effects.

How are they different from others? They are based on natural magnesium chloride. It has been proved that this mineral regulates the calcium assimilation in enamel, strengthens and protects it. In combination with plant extracts and ethereal oils magnesium alleviates inflammation and swelling, which makes these toothpastes perfect for sensitive gums.

And of course, they are 100% safe because they are natural.

  • o fluorine
  • no parabens and synthetic coloring agents
  • no SLS and SLES

For example, our novelty product Magnesium Toothpaste.

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