How to choose a reliable supplier of cosmetics in Ukraine?

image002The requirements to the production of pharmacy cosmetics are similar to those that apply to medicines. Hence, the accompanying documents must be properly issued and contain complete information about the preparations. A weighty advantage is the availability of an international GMP certificate (good manufacturing practice), which ensures that the product is produced strictly according to the recipe without extraneous impurities and retains its quality for the entire period of use. Certainly, the company must have permission to sell cosmetics in bulk. * Company’s authority. Pay attention to how long the cosmetics manufacturer you interested in is working in the market; study the reviews of its products. Give preference to candidates who have already proved themselves in the market. Another important indicator of authority is participation in specialized exhibitions, forums and conferences. 

* Price policy. It should suit you and your potential customers. Please note that sometimes too much means are invested in an advertising campaign. Therefore, a high price does not always imply a corresponding quality.

* Proper marking. The package must contain complete information about the product, including:

image0041. Product name
2. Purpose
3. Composition
4. Nominal volume
5. Date of manufacture and expiration date
6. Batch number
7. Storage and application features
8. Name and address of the person in charge and the manufacturer

* Support from the producer is a good sign. It can be manifested in the form of consultations or provision of samplers, testers and reference materials about the company’s products. What is popular among consumers?

Choosing a good vendor is not the only task. It is equally important to know the desires of your customers too. To do this, you need to closely monitor the modern trends of the cosmetic market. Let’s pay attention to some trends:

image006Growth of interest in the quality and naturalness of products. The modern consumer pays more attention not to catchy advertising, but to the composition of the product, its safety, and to the absence of side effects. Despite the impressive achievements in the chemical industry, consumers prefer natural cosmetics. Minerals, extracts of medicinal plants and essential oils – these components are very effective and therefore popular.

Trust into medical cosmetics as for safer and more effective one. It is not accidental that it is released, mainly through pharmacies. In addition, buyers can get detailed advice about this or that product there. 

image008Interest in the Ukrainian cosmetics manufacturer. Due to the increase in the cost of imported products, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to high-quality affordable domestic remedies. There is a great merit of the Ukrainian producers themselves, who strive to make their products as high-quality as possible and bring them to the foreign market.

Interest in online shopping. Today, consumers are increasingly looking for and ordering the goods they need on the Internet. At the same time, not only the fact of the availability of products is important for them, but also the opportunity to order it with fast delivery anywhere in the country, possibility to get professional advice and leave feedback about the product. Preference is given to user-friendly and trusted sites, adapted for mobile devices.

Natural cosmeceutical products are unlikely to lose their relevance, as it offers both beauty and health to their consumers. Knowing where it is better to order cosmetics in bulk and what to look for when choosing a supplier, can lay a solid foundation for a profitable and promising business.