Magnesium Oil – the Trend of Our Times

Greetings from Ekobiz, the leading magnesium oil producer!

We are interested in all companies who want a high-quality and in-demand product for their professional activity and business 

Magnesium oilThe trend of modern times – only natural materials. More and more people want to solve their health- and beauty-related problems in a safe way. They are interested in achieving an immediate tangible and visible result without risking their health or wasting their time and money.

More than 20 years we manufacture natural magnesium-based cosmetic products and medications. Our experts’ recent innovation is magnesium oil.

Magnesium oil meets all modern trends and end-user’s requirements by 100%. Many Europeans and Americans who take good care of their health have already appreciated the valuable properties of this oil. Its regular application allows to solve health- and beauty-related problems with maximum efficiency and in the most careful and natural way.

Photo of magnesium oil productionMagnesium oil is one of the magnesium-rich products for transdermal application in our line. Having distinct healing and preventative properties, it is indispensable for those who take care of their health and beauty and also for beauty salons, SPA-centers and sports clubs.

Natural magnesium oil is perfect for those institutions and distributors who want to stand out from the crowd of their competitors, care for their clients and want to meet their needs. Using this original product in their business, they can provide truly high-quality demanded services.

Meeting modern tendencies of cosmetology market, our magnesium oil exhibits excellent healing properties and characteristics.

  • 100% natural product, made out of natural materials.
  • High quality and safety of our products are confirmed by the certificate ISO 22716:2007 GMP «Good Manufacturing Practice».
  • The monogenetic source of magnesium chloride is located at the depth of 2500 m and is not exposed to any kind of man-made pollutants.
  • Oil manufacturing is executed in the immediate vicinity to the extraction spot of the mineral. This allows to preserve all of its qualities and promptly produce large orders.

Contract magnesium oil manufacturing, in-bulk supplies for own packing, terms for distributors

Picture of contract production of magnesium oilTerms of doing business with Ecobiz are simple and time-proven. We:

  • provide product samples
  • sell wholesale lots of any size you need
  • supply our products under private label
  • deliver in bulk
  • provide promotion and marketing support
  • give free consultations and all the necessary information
  • offer special terms for regular and large clients

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